Journal Archive From December


December 15, 2001

OK, so disregard everything from my last post. I was dragged to the mall early Saturday morning. Yup, it was off to the Natick Mall and of course all the surrounding little shops, malls, etc. We went early enough so it wasn't all that bad. We pulled in, found a parking spot right away and went shopping. It was pretty amazing how packed a mall can get in about an hour or so. We did our running around and headed back to the car. To get an idea of how busy it was, the garage we were in closed because it was full and people pulled up on banks to park. It was a pretty hectic scene. Looks of desperation on peoples faces running from place to place, cutting across three lanes of traffic to get to the entrances, waiting in lines just to drive into parking lots. One think I like is having a very large truck. It's an intimidation factor, especially when that little and expensive Mercedes tries and cut you off on purpose. I say just drive over them! I had fun though, it is a fun time of year so you have to remember to keep calm and enjoy yourself. It's amazing how many crazy and mean people are out there because of a short fuse. After all that we were finally on our way to get our tree! Driving down the Mass Pike and eating Moose Munch. It's this amazing mixture of popcorn, nuts, chocolate and caramel. I highly recommend it. We arrived at the local tree farm and didn't need to go far before we hacked one down. It's a nice little one, plump except for one side. This is good because we needed it to go against a wall. Out cats Nero and Inky seem to like it. We'll probably get around to decorating it this week. I'll let you know how it goes, but right now it's back to fixing our vacuum. Darn pine needles.

December 14, 2001

IT'S FRIDAY! Yah, just what I needed. I'm making an afternoon post because it's pretty quiet around here right now. Not only that can you believe it's only 10 days until Christmas! Hay all my shopping is done, no stressing here. So this is my chance to poke fun at all of you that have to head to the malls this weekend and upcoming week, battling for parking spaces, getting through the crowds, finding out what you wanted to buy is on back order, bla, bla, bla......Glad it's not me! I'd shop on line anyway, it's so much easier. Well I can't poke that much fun because that's what I did last year. I just decided to get it all out of the way early because I was so tired of being dead broke at the end of the month. On the other hand I was hoping to get up to Vermont this weekend, but we're bagging it to get stuff finished around here. Tomorrow it looks like we will be getting our tree. I know the kitties are going to love it. It's going to make them want to go outside even more now. On top of that, I will probably need to attach stabilizer lines to it. If you had a chance to meet my clinically insane cats, you'll know why. For the rest of the weekend, we'll just have to play it by ear and see what happens. A final thought, I think I'll bring my chainsaw with me tomorrow.

December 13, 2001

More mass updates! Well I haven't really posted anything from the past few days because they have been pretty uneventful. It's been rainy out and a bit cold. I have been working on finishing up my new demo section box. Tonight I got all the coping on it to protect the edges, so all it needs now is paint. Paint may have to wait though because it is so cold right now. I guess over the next day I can tape off the pattern, man I wish there was an easier way but it just looks so cool, so if it warms up this weekend I can get a head start. If not, it will be a spring rush to get it all done. Hey that's what winter is for, get it all done now because there is never enough time during the season. Well it's time to rewind the tape of tonight's Survivor episode and see who got voted off! Yup I'm an addict, what can I say...hopefully I'll be picked for the next one. Hummm, already thinking of a good tape to send in.

December 9, 2001

Trip home. Well it was a bummer we didn't get that ride in on Saturday because there is 6 inches of fresh snow on the ground back here in Massachusetts. Funny part is Buffalo and Northwest NY doesn't have any! It's pretty warm though so it will probably be gone by the end of the week. I just have the riding bug again so I don't mind if it stays or goes, Wendy on the other hand would like to have a few feet on the ground by now.

December 8, 2001

I love driving but you know, it is such a boring drive once you are past Syracuse it seems. Just very very flat. Well it was a slow relaxed day, we got up and headed to Tim's for breakfast...some good food there man! After that I broke into his kitchen and prepared the pizza dough for pizzas this evening. I swear this stuff had a mind of it's own! We had to make some local trips to the store through the day, along with building the benches so we really didn't keep an eye on it. The stuff was rising so much it was growing out of the big bowl onto the counter! Well we did have plenty of pizza that's for sure. Really good too! (Even though I'm honking my own horn.) It was a fun day, got a lot of stuff done, hung out, relaxed and of course talked about bikes! Scott and I didn't get a ride in though. Next time I guess.

December 7, 2001

Just a quick note while we are throwing all the stuff in the car for a trip to Buffalo, NY To Visit the Williamson's and the Estee's! Yup, heading up to hang out with Tim and Scott and to help Tim get some more benched built around his new shop. Let's see if I can make it in six and a half hours again! No I wasn't speeding, I just kept a very constant speed and had one stop. We'll see.

December 5, 2001

I'm getting back on a slight roll. I have been cleaning out my current computers hard drive and found quite a few pictures from past demos and events. There were a few for each of the specific events so I decided to post them. They date back to '99 even, so check them out. I had a fairly nice lunch time ride today. Especially with the temperature being 65 degrees outside! You can't beat it. During my ride I was working on a few new techniques. Well not really new techniques but kind of twists to everyday moves that you use. I need to start videotaping some of my practice sessions. Not only to help myself but it may even help others out there. Hummm, well it's a thought for now, and keeping my fingers crossed for that new PC so maybe after that.

December 3, 2001

So it's Monday and the beginning of December. Also the first new Journal post for quite a while. My PC hasn't been doing very well and it is like pulling your pants leg out from your sprocket to get stuff completed on it. May be looking up though, I think we are deciding to get a new PC at home but that won't be until after Christmas. I still have so much video and pictures I need to get onto my site! There have been a few new posting to Ted's site. You know Ted, the guy I ride for and builds all those cool bikes. Check out and take a peek at the bikes section. He has an incredible new tandem on there. The pictures are a little grainy but they will be updated soon with better ones. On the riding front you cannot beat the weather in New England right now. I had a fun session at a local outdoor skate park yesterday. It was so much fun! After that I am definitly building a portable spine ramp for my demo section this year. So I'll be working hard when the snow begins to fly to get it ready. Oh yah, also forgot got a new trials kitten, her name is Inky. Nero is training her all the in's and outs of not putting any paws down in the toughest sections.

Overall The posts won't be a frequent as I would like. Hopefully the media from the end of this past season I can get sorted out and posted here as soon as possible or PC permitting. I will work on the new years resolution of making daily posts. But for now I'll be working on riding, getting ready for next year and hopefully booking a demo somewhere near you! If your interested in any shows, just drop me a line or give me a call. See you all for now!