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February 27, 2001

I do like to keep things interesting that's for sure. Tonight Trev and I hit the skate park again. Trev had his new ride, very sweet bike, and he wanted to get used to it and I wanted to get in practice time before this weekends demo at Harpoon Brewery. Well to start off with the park is getting an overdue renovation which is cool. They are rebuilding many of the ramps and repositioning stuff for better lines. So we found this one uncompleted ramp with a nice up and drop off the side. We were working on gapping ups and lunges then went to lunges down to a smaller platform. Well I didn't quite make it one of the times. I hit the smaller box with my front wheel and wham! It's amazing how fingers can bend! What a stupid injury, I didn't break my finger just jammed, twisted, bent it really bad. All the joints in it kill! Over all it was a pretty fun ride though. I have been so excited lately with my riding, I keep seeing progression every time I get on my bike! That's my stock bike as well. Also I must contribute a ton of the improvement to riding with Trev, it's great to have someone push you harder and keeping me off my mod! I'm hoping to ride again this week but we'll have to see what happens over the next few days. Other than that it's off to get more ice!

February 24, 2001

In the morning I helped out a little getting ready for Wendy's shower. One part was gathering up all the kitty's from her parents house where it is being held and bringing them back to our house. That was a sight having the three cats terrorizing our apartment. I'll have some pictures of the craziness in the next week or so. Then I had to work on some odds and ends getting the trailer ready. But the big highlight, today was Wendy's shower, ton's of family and friends showed up, it was a girls only event so all the guys went to play pool at a friends house. All I can say is Thank You to our parents and everyone who made this such a special day for Wen and for being so generous to us! Everyone is so amazing!

February 23, 2001

Finally! I was a little stressed because of the reports of more snow on the way tonight and the rest of the weekend. The trailer is finally out! It wasn't a easy process either. With a little help from my friends bobcat we were able to extract it from it's wintery tomb. We showed up with the bobcat around 5:00 in the evening. It was a quick process changing the fork lift attachment over to the bucket attachment, then it was getting to work on the snow! I couldn't believe how much there was in this snow drift, the same one my truck got stuck in. After moving what had to be a ton of snow, we finally had a little path that ended at the front of the trailer. We hooked up the trailer chains to the bucket and pulled it right out, the best part it was all done before 6:30. If I had to shovel, I'd probably be in a back brace right now. But it's out and ready to be packed with my demo section for next weekend. Also tomorrow is Wendy's shower! She is going to have a great time seeing her family and friends.

February 22, 2001

Yet another interesting evening. I was planning on taking out my demo trailer and working on my boxes before my next demonstration. Now where I keep my trailer is in the field, probably about 150 feet from the road. I didn't think it was going to be a big problem at all. So I put my truck in 4 wheel drive and headed to get it. Well I ended up hitting a snow drift which was a little too deep and wouldn't you know it, I was stuck! Well I tried a little digging but my transmission was resting on the hardpack ice! I couldn't break it free either. So I called my friend Joe and he came with his plow truck. He tried to clear the way, and next he got his truck stuck just behind mine! It had to be the craziest scene, so we had to wait until Wendy came home with her truck. No, we didn't get another one stuck, we tied of Joe's truck to hers and yanked it out. He then plowed a bit more then tied my truck off to his and yanked that out. After that we pretty much gave up trying to retrieve the trailer. So tomorrow I think I have alot of shoveling ahead of me. I'll tell you what happens tomorrow!

February 21, 2001

Ok, so it's been a couple of days....well I think I'm fully recovered from the weekend. Now it's to only get ready for the next! Not too bad though, just a demonstration but I really need to work on my demo setup this week. It's the pre-season touchup. I have to make everything look good. So there are my plans over the next few days, I believe tomorrow we are all meeting up to finalize the EFTA schedule so we should have that for you in a few days as well. That will be another fun year with a few new venues! But that's about it for now, I'm off for a haircut!

February 18, 2001

For a quick note, we're packing up and heading home! I'll give the summary in the next few days!

February 17, 2001

Today was much to be desired I guess. I had a great time but was very disappointed about how the event went. The sections were really fun and cool...when you eventually got to ride them! There were 30minute plus waits at each section. I was also wanting to ride both bikes but I didn't get to finish even one bike. I just couldn't imagine taking 5 hours to only ride 10 sections never mind where I would need to ride 20! I just couldn't stand waiting in line any longer all I wanted to do was ride! But what happened after the event probably made up for the bummed out competition. All I'll say it was quite a hoo-haa of a bash!

February 16, 2001

This was an interesting day. I had a hard time sleeping, and around 9:00am Ross McMaster called up. Well Trev wanted to sleep a little longer but I didn't mind. So he came over after his 20 hour trip and arriving 5:00am to hand out a bit. Well this is where it begins to get interesting. He was having a problem with his bike and needed to swap frames at the last minute. Tim had the aluminum prototype EKG frame which we used. It was an all day project to get this thing working! We first needed a new fork to fit. I didn't have a headset press so that had to go to the shop for it to be pressed in. Then the canti studs were welded a bit too low, well all said and done the bike was working around 3 in the afternoon! But it was working and that's all that mattered. After that we headed to dinner then to visit Motorma. We didn't stay long, but there were quite a few people there riding. We didn't bother bringing our bikes because they really didn't allow riding last year. Oh well, but they did need to stop shortly after we arrived because of the riding clinic. We headed back to the hotel and hung out, worked on our bikes a bit, then crashed pretty early for tomorrows event!

February 15, 2001

Well the trip down wasn't too bad at all. We all ended up meeting at my house, Tim, Trevor, Pete and Craig. In my truck it was Tim, Trev and I and in Craig's car was him and Pete. Our plan was to be on the road for 3:00 but it's the usual packing setbacks. Not too bad though, we had everything packed and were on the road for 3:30. It was an easy trip, we used our two way radios to keep in contact on the trip down. Of course our one stop was for Meanie Burgers at Arlene and Tom's in NY. Great as usual. We fueled up the vehicles and headed back out for our next stop at the hotel. We arrived there around 10:00 and checked in. A funny little mishap happened when we headed to our rooms from the main entrance. I was backing up my truck and Craig's car was parked right behind me and it was difficult to see. Well you know what happened next.....crunch! oops! It just sounded bad because his front license plate was loose and it created a loud rattle and noise when my trailer ball hitch hit it. There was no damage at all, but there was a guy who saw it happen. He frantically ran up to Craig yelling "Hey man he just hit your car and took off!" Like if a bight red truck loaded with ton's of bikes could be disguised and not found anywhere in the hotel parking lot! It was pretty funny, Pete and Craig were laughing at the guy. After that we hit our rooms, unpacked and enjoyed a cold consumable. We finally hooked up with Tim and Kathy...where else but the bar. Hung out there for a little while then retired to bed.

February 14, 2001

This is it! Tomorrow is the day for travelling to the big event. I just met up with Tim to pick up all his goodies and we are all meeting at my house tomorrow afternoon to head out. Right now I'm going crazy packing everything together. As a stress relief I have been working on another woodworking project, a small secretary desk, which we are going to use as a nite-stand. So I plan on finishing that up this evening after all the running around. Also I would just hate to leave having a project unfinished. But tomorrow I plan on bringing my computer along to update from the road! I'll have to keep everyone posted with pics and info on the ride down! So till tomorrow!

February 12, 2001

Yet another skate park session. Nothing good really happened though. There were people working on repairing parts of the park because there were a few ramps that were beat. So we stayed to our own little corner and worked on some moves. Nothing great. It was one of those evenings that riding just didn't click. I was glad I wasn't in the same boat either. Trev was the same way, Pete was riding very consistent and Craig I think had injured himself so he was taking it easy.

February 11, 2001

We certainly do take power for granted! Well here's the story. We headed up to Vermont Friday evening to do a little skiing. We met up with a few of Wendy's friends along the way and got there around 10:00pm. So we settled in to hit the slopes in the morn. Saturday morning we got up and it looked a little nasty outside. It ended up raining a bit during the night and the wind picked up quite a bit. But the day was getting better with the sun popping out. While driving to the mountain it looked like a hurricane had hit. There were lots of branches everywhere and quite a few trees down. But nothing was going to stop us from skiing and it was turning into a nice day. Very very windy though still. So I ended up teaching one of Wen's friends how to ski. I used to be a ski instructor at Wachusett a local mountain a few years back, but teaching is like riding a bike, can't forget it. So after a little teaching and taking a few runs for the day it was time to head home. There is nothing better than getting back, having a cold beverage, and taking a warm shower. Now we walked through the door and there were no lights anywhere, and the house was pretty cold. Guess what, no power! We were in for an eventful evening! So we gathered up all the candles and flashlights, we had plenty of ice and snow for the beverages! We headed to the store for food and filled the propane for the grill. So we made the best of it, and tried not to open the doors for too long. It was a blast, we grilled everything from nachos and pizza to burgers and steak. Ate by candle light and played taboo for the rest of the night. It was pretty laid back and fun! Then everyone bundled up for bed in their ski gear! Finally the lights went back on around 2 in the morning but the heat was still not working. With it being very cold and the power out for so long it took some time for the water to heat up. But by late morning it was warm in the house again! By that time it was clean up and head home. Overall a very fun and interesting weekend.

February 8, 2001

It was another cool day! Tim gave me a call to tell me my long awaiting Roach Pants came in! These are awesome. Very comfortable, plenty of room for my knee brace, and seriously bomb proof! I would highly recommend these to everyone! I had mine made in custom colors to match my Ted Wojcik Team uniform. I will get some pictures up this weekend of them. Speaking of pictures, here is one of Nero at his six month birthday party. Wendy made the cake and he's getting ready to blow out the candle. He didn't quite get it, that trick will take a little more training. No, we're not crazy, it's just how you get from raising Nero from day 1! Put it this way, when he was found he was so small, he could fit into a closed hand! He's definitely got a list of pretty cool tricks. You'll probably catch him one day at one of my demos or a comp! For this weekend we are heading up to VT tomorrow to get in a little skiing. Hopefully the rain holds off!

February 7, 2001

Today was a hopping day as we say in the trials world. Quite a few things happened that were pretty cool. To start off I'm really excited being back on board performing shows for Subaru and the American Canoe Association at their Subaru Outback Rendezvous events for the third year! These are the most incredible outdoor adventure weekends around. They bring in everything from rock climbing, biking, kayaking, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities and hold a free open to the public event. Of course we are there performing our Trials Shows. The events are held at various parks, last year was Colorado and Virginia, this year looks like Virginia and New York. People can come to participate in these various events and learn everything from gourmet camp cooking to climbing or rolling a kayak. It's great because it introduces people to sports they don't see everyday. I'll have more information on this to follow over the next month! Overall it seems like shows are starting to roll in earlier than last year. Looks like it may be a busy summer with lot's of miles going on the truck and trailer! I love every minute of it though.

I also have to help out with the EFTA schedule this year. This is just a small reminder to me to get this done. Pete is heading over to England for some study over there. He should have a good time and I hear he's bringing his bike too. You guys better watch out, he's a pretty good rider! Other than that, we had one heck of a jam last night at the skate park. Trials riders in attendance was Trev and I, Pete, Craig, and Mike Steidley. We showed up (Trev and I) and started riding at 5:30, and rode hard again. This time we had a little more room to set up some fun lines. Also I had a hard time keeping myself out of the mini half pipe! It's been really nice each time we go back and see improvement and learning new moves trials and not so trials related. I feel my jumping is getting much better and also transitional moves are becoming smoother. I feel I have been in this rut of trials only syndrome. Too much stop and go and not enough flow. Well I got my flow back a bit! I'm pretty happy about that. The rest of the guys showed up around 6:30 or so. By then we were pretty beat! But we rode for another hour at least. Mike was on his mod bike and pulling some really sick side hops and gaps, wild stuff! Yes, definitely a great trials day. By the way it was also Nero's birthday today! If you haven't been keeping up with my journal he's my cat and is now six months old and only getting crazier. Now if only I could bunny hop, or kitty hop like he does!

February 6, 2001

So how about this snow! Well if you live in New England anyway. Last night we received 20 inches, maybe even a little more of the fluffy white stuff. Everything is just covered in white! You really can't beat the scenery, it's been a few years since we had snow like this. Now the news is calling it the 'Blizzard of 2001'. I'm not too sure of that though, it's just funny how people are so fearful about snow sometimes. If you're from New England you have to enjoy it, or at least live with it. But to end this topic, I think it's going to be a ski weekend coming up! Tomorrow we are planning on heading to the skate park. I just got off the phone with Mike Steidley, and he's going to venture up for some riding also. Should be a good night of riding. It's like a cramming session before next weekend. Yes, Motorama is only next weekend and I feel I'm going to get a whoopin' of a life time! Those from the warmer climates are pretty lucky right now. Last year wasn't so bad because we didn't have snow almost all winter, well except the snow storm the day we headed to Motorama. Now that was an adventure! I have also been thinking back to the EFTA banquet and the unicyclists. I think I may try the EFTA trials series this year on my unicycle! I think the beginner sections for that instead. I do have to focus on the stock and modified bikes first though and if I have extra time, I'm going to give it a shot. Why not, it's just another fun and crazy thing to try! 'Tis the season! The trials season, I'm just so excited about this year with all of the shows and events that are coming up! It's off to bed with thought's of Motorama sections dancing in my head!

February 4, 2001

Slightly crazy weekend I'd say. The fun part of it was the EFTA Banquet Tim and I headed to Saturday evening. Once again it was at the Hampshire Hills Country Club in New Hampshire. It was nice, but not too many of the Trials riders attended. Besides myself and Tim, there was Chris Pascucci and his family, Pete Wilk and Craig Dionne the WPI Woo-sta guys, Mike Steidley, Mike Umbarger and his family, Bill Ward and family, and Tim Stumpf. It was great to see everyone after the winter break and we all sat together at the same table. So there was non stop trials chat happening. The banquet itself looked about the same as last year. We didn't perform our trials demonstration this year because there was absolutly no room. Last year we were hitting our heads on the basketball hoops! Instead they had a unicycle team! There were 25 team members, about 5-10 boys and the rest were girls. But the neat part about it, they were all kids, and ranged from kindergarten to 8th grade! They were very entertaining to watch. After that was the famous tandem race. No one forgot Andy Dole's and my performance last year. This year Andy didn't make it, so yup, it was Chris and I! Chris was the captain this year, I was the stoker. The course was very difficult with lot's of narrow turns inside the racquetball courts, not only that, we had to slam-dunk two large beachballs at designated points along the course! Well to sum this race up, we didn't do very well. A mild crash set us back a few seconds....but it was fun! After that dinner was waiting. As always a great pasta feast was held and after dinner came the awards ceremony. Trials was one of the first to go. I was the presenter with Pete, and that was about it. We basically just relaxed and watched the awards for a few more classes then headed out because we had a few hour drive home. Well during that drive Tim and I did come up with a few new concepts and ideas for this upcoming season, so better watch out!

February 3, 2001

As you all know I relentlessly plug the New England Mountain Bike Association and why not! It's all about what they do for mountain biking and our trails across New England and the US. But if you are a NEMBA member check out the Latest Singletracks about Icebiking. You may just see someone you know! Ahh-hemmm.... But if your not a NEMBA member check out their site, it has loads of information, and if you want to get the latest Singletracks Magazine, check out your local bike shop! If they don't have it....get a better bike shop! Just kidding, tell them about it.