Journal Archive from June


June 30, 2001

Today was a rough day for riding trials! It was a small group ride at Purgatory Chasm, myself Trev and Todd from Kryptonite Locks came down for the jam from the Boston area. It started off really well and having loads of fun until I had my rear tire blow out. No big deal, I changed the tube and met up again with Todd and Trev. We then rode a little further through the woods to another spot which has a cool technical gap move. It consisted of three rocks spaced apart. You launch to the first one to set up, gap to the second pointy and off cambered rock, and a big gap and up to this gnarly rock with a large tree root grown over it. Really cool move. Trev was the first to go and nailed it flawless. I was up and all systems were go until the second rock. Damn, I should have had more tire pressure. Well this was a really nice blow out with a ripped tire, shattered deraillure, badly bent hanger and bruised ego. It went downhill even more from there! Lucky I had my mod on me, so I switched to that. Pulled some small moves to get the feel, and once again we moved on to another section of rocks. At the beginning of the section there is a stone camp grill, with about a 7 foot gap to the rocks. Well I pulled the gap, but blew out another tire, and looped out flat on my back! By this time I was getting the message to take it easy for the rest of the day. So I changed my tire, and played around. Trev was riding the best I have ever seen! He was pulling some really crazy moves and super smooth to boot. But fate was to deal a bad hand for Trev later in the day. Todd, was going crazy with these huge ups! He's on the road a lot for Kryptonite so he doesn't have that much time to ride. But for someone who doesn't ride that much, he is an incredible rider! WOW. Well the day wound down and we headed home. I had stuff around the house to get done and bikes to fix. Later in the day I got a call from Trev, and he broke his toe! He was practicing, had a mishap and broke his big toe. Really stinks because that's a few weeks healing time.

June 29, 2001

I'm Back! Yup, after a busy then relaxing few weeks. I should be getting back into the swing of things over the next few days. On biking news we're planning a ride at Purgatory Chasm tomorrow at around 10:00 in the morn, so if your around show up! On other news, well I should hopefully have a page dedicated to the last few weeks up in a week or two.

June 10, 2001

What a hopping weekend. Got a bit of riding in between a little practice on Saturday and the show at Landry's Bike shop in Easton today. Landry's held their First Annual Bike Fest event which consisted of group road and mountain bike rides, a big sale, giveaways, pizza, sodas, company reps like FOX and Cannondale, and of course demos by Trev and I. We performed three shows today. The first one was a quick tickler show around 12:30 to get the crowd pumped up and the two big shows were at 2 & 4. The shows went very well. We hammered out the best of our stunts for the crowd. I have to say it was a warm day with the sun beating down and it took a bit out of me! I couldn't believe it, but I gave it my all and so did Trev. By the cheers of the crowd I think it was enjoyed by all. Some crazy stuff had to happen as well. It started off with the sound system going on the fritz. Because of the heat it was killing the amp, so before the show one speaker went dead, and during another show the whole system stopped! Yes it was warm. We were able to cool it down just in time though, and get it restarted during the show with no problems. Another instance was a gust of wind came and blew our tent over. It was staked down too! The worse part we run the speaker cable through the top of the tent, so you can guess what happened. The tent took off with a 80lb speaker and stand attached to it! All I can say is get Yamaha speakers! This thing hit the ground and survived without a scratch. The only mishap was a bent 1/4" jack. WOW! Plugged it right back in and cranked it up. Overall it was a great day meeting ton's of people and making many new friends. If you are ever in the area stop in and all the guys and girls at Landry's will be sure to help you out. Thanks for having us!

June 5, 2001

Well this darn poison ive is finally on it's last leg. I can't wait to get rid of it. Well over the last few days I have been working on some cool upcoming shows! Real amazing stuff let me tell you. It's still top secret because I want to make sure all the details are covered before I get anyones hopes up. Once I find out though you guys will all be the first to know. Other than that I'm going for a ride right now. I have been off my bike for a few days again and dying to get back on it. I guess between everything else going on I forgot about it for the past few days, and that trials gene is going crazy in my blood.

June 4, 2001

Oh boy, today was the first day at our new location. The only thing I still have to complain about is the drive. It just stinks. I do get to travel on the mass pike (a major highway here in MA) a little but its getting to the pike from home and then getting to the office after getting off the pike. Other than that I used to work with all these people before, so that's really nice. I'm just off to cook a little dinner right now so I'll see you all later.

June 3, 2001

So today I had to put up with tormenting phone calls from Tim for not being at the event. Well deserved I guess because the weather cleared up just before the event started. It was still wet though! It was a somewhat small event so I guess others had the same idea as me in mind. It was just really rough after last weekend in the rain. Also I'm still putting up with this pain in the butt poison ivy. I know I'll quit my whining and excuses but all I have to say is Jamaica in less than two weeks!

June 2, 2001

Well today I had to get some paperwork from VT so it was a quick day trip up. Right now I should be heading up to the Bradbury Mountain Challenge but with all this rain I'm wondering if it is worth it. Yes it's still raining, really hard, but I don't mind as long as it can get it out of it's system. So I think I'm going to hang around here to get stuff dome before next week.

June 1, 2001

Well June is here, so you know what's just around the corner now. Crazy to think about. Yup I think the nerves are beginning to settle in. Also things have been very busy between the planning and the biking so I am going to be updating my Journal in batches over the next few weeks. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted on how things are coming along!