September 27, 2000

For this weeks update, come check out the Blue Hills Mountain Bike Festival this Sunday Oct. 1 in Milton, MA. If the weather is nice i'll be there hanging out and doing little riding, so stop by Ted's booth and visit! More info can be found on


Come check out VELOSWAP 2000 at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA on Saturday October 21! This is brought to you by VeloNews and I will be there performing shows throughout the day. There will be hundreds of vendors from shops to bike manufacturers selling, trading and offering ton's of information. It's going to be a huge event and as always you can expect another crazy and killer bicycle trials demonstration! Don't miss this whatever you do, there is no better way to treat yourself and your bike before the snow begins to fall.


September 10, 2000

Trip home!

September 9, 2000

Demos, Demos, and yes, one more demo!


September 8, 2000

We finished our trip to the event site late morning and the setup was well underway. This years event was even bigger than lasts in NY! Really nice place at Lake Fairfax in Reston, VA. We basically setup all our equipment, had a warmup ride then practiced our demonstrations so we were perfectly dialed for the next day. After we headed to our hotel to relax and perform some bike maintenance. Chris had the worse of it with a broken freewheel....But that's a story I'll leave for him!

September 7, 2000

Back on the road again. This time it was the wrecking crew, myself Chris Pascucci and Andy Dole heading to another series of Demonstrations at the Subaru Outback Rendezvous in Reston, VA. Today we pretty much drove, drove and drove!

September 5, 2000

FLY HOME!!! Woo-Hoo!

September 4, 2000

Monday was the last day of it all. The Tom McNeal crew and all our friends from Alabama were heading back home in the morn and the number of competitors dropped a little but there were still over 20 riders. I decided to ride stock first to a third place finish today. Things were a little slimy after a rain storm the night before, and that's what happens when you let down your guard. Then it was to the mod bike for a first place finish. After all the competitons Chris and I had to pack our bikes back up for the trip home. You always get a little withdraw after riding so hard all weekend long. We said goodbyes to all and a huge thanks to the Mullen family for having us stay another year. Chris and I were dropped off at the Airport hotel and got ready for the flight home in the morn. We were getting a little restless and hungry because it was around dinner time, and decided to make this 7 mile walk to the 'local' subway. Well we never actually made it to subway, but we did hit the taco bell for the Grande Run! When we got back I just passed out til the morn.

September 3, 2000

Then came Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! Once again there were over 40 competitors for the day with some new faces! It was another day of competitions and Mod bike went the same as the first day, but when I hopped on the stock bike this time around, I was feeling the aching muscles but I still rode as best as I can! I couldn't wait for the last section to tap into this excellent brew that Mike Melchior, the man, the myth, the legend brought along! Only problem I didn't even have a chance to share any with him.....good or bad? Tough question! But definitly next time Mike, we'll be sharing more of that famous Lafayette brew! We all headed out to dinner to El Rodeos a very authentic mexican restraunt, very good food, and for dessert, the yearly Frozen Custard run for some ice cream.

September 2, 2000

Saturday brough over 40 competitors and a very competitive Stock Expert class. I ended up riding my mod bike first for a Second place win, then went for the stock. It was a rough and tiring ride after the first but somehow I managed to edge out Ross McMaster by one point for the first place spot! I was very very surprised, all these guys were real good riders! After that was the annual Lasagna-Fest the family puts on. The place was packed and the food couldn't be anymore delicious. It was all downhill from there I was about to passout I was so tired. But we still rode a little more and listened to Jason Hill's Great Adventures in Sweden and the world! Jason has been almost everywhere and has some of the best stories about his travels and trials riding abroad.

September 1, 2000

The 2000 Midwest Triple Threat in Lafayette, IN.

This year Chris Pascucci and I headed for a weekend packed with trials and hanging out with friends! The flights were a piece of cake until both my bikes and Chris' mod bike were lost somewhere in Delta land. We were a getting a little worried while we waited for the next flight from Cincinatti to show up and we keept our fingers crossed they would be on that plane! In the meantime Chris was busting some of his moves on an airport wheelchair in hopes to raise some money for new bikes if they didn't arrive. But then, an hour later on the next flight from Cincinatti, they were here. Phew! Now it was off to Brent's house to get ready for the next day of self torture! Chris and I were competing both on mod and stock bikes the whole weekend. That's basically six competitions through the three days.


June 9-11, 2000

Our adventure was to head for the hills of West Virginia and compete in the National NATS trials series being held at the 24 Hours of Snowshoe race! Myself, Chris Pascucci of Rear Wheel Productions fame, Andy Dole also from RWP fame and Pete Wilk loaded up Chris' RAV4 with 8 bikes and loads of gear...yes pictures will be on the way! An adventure it was, we had a late 2:00 start on Friday afternoon to begin our 12 hour journey. Nothing really insane happened on this roadtrip because we were all pretty tired and focused on getting to Snowshoe before our 8:00am start time on Mod Bike! Although once we hit WV we did have fun playing dodge the deer, and there were allot of deer to be dodging! We finally hit the condo at 3:30 am and the sleepwalking Tim Williamson let us in. You can say we all pretty much passed out where we landed!

The 6:30 wake-up was from Randy Vancil as he knocked on the door. Then it was pretty much off riding from there. Mod bike was a fun time with six section two times through. After the first round myself and Chris P. were leading and tied at 21 dabs. Second round was getting even closer after fatigue began to set in! I pulled ahead after Chris made a few dabs in the first few sections, then he pulled ahead after a five I took in one section. In mod Chris took the 1st place spot and I was right behind him in 2nd! Now we had a chance to relax before we rode our Stock bikes in the afternoon!

This loop I took with Pete Wilk. I had a bit of a tougher time because a problem I kept having with my front wheel. Unfortunately the results in stock was not as good as mod but I still rode a great day overall! After the event it was hanging out with a bunch of friends, talking trials, helping Jeff Lenosky out with his demo, and playing pool till 3:30 Sunday morning at the Red Fox on Snowshoe summit. No sleep for the wicked! After that it was head back to the condo and find a spot to sleep (among the 8 of us packed into the living room of the condo). We woke up, had breakfast and back home we went, this weekend was just packed with loads of fun!

June 1, 2000

If you are located in the CT, NY, NJ area look for the News Channel 12 TV show called The Exchange. Myself and Chris Pascucci performed for the camera to help promote a Fund Raising bike ride for MS in Norwalk CT being held on Sunday.

Week of May 8, 2000

Look for us this Sunday at the first EFTA event in Gloucester, RI and later that evening at the REI in Redding, MA.

We will be performing shows and holding some fun events at the REI in Redding, MA from 6-9:30 in the evening. All I can say is get there and check it out!

Week of May 1, 2000

Well it was a scramble to get the new demo box painted for the MDC Recreation Day Demo! It all paid off. We had two shows which were too much fun. The demonstration was held at the West Hartford Resivoir and they had displays and information on any recreational activity you could imagine. There were in-liners, horses, hikers, runners....and of course us mountain bikers and trials riders! Click here to see some of the pictures of the day!

After that we headed to the Wrath of Sun Valley Competition under the scorching heat and all of Rear Wheel Productions rode hard and rode awesome!

Week of April 8, 2000

Some demonstration dates have been posted. Not all the demos and dates have been finalized just yet. But this is to give you an idea to where I will be during the Spring and Summer. Pictures of Ted Wojcik's complete stock bike will be up real real soon along with specs and pricing! I apologize for the delay!

Week of Feb. 5, 2000

Check out the EFTA awards banquet at Hampshire Hills Country Club in Milford, NH. Kevin and the gang; Chris Pascucci, Trevor Young, and Andy Dole, will be performing a jammin' show! See the Pictures of the demo here!

New Ted Wojcik Stock Trials Bike is completed click here for the pictures!

January 14, 2000

Look an update! Well we all survived New Years......OK there may have been a few casualties. Here's what's been happening! Getting more pictures up on the photo section. I received a really cool digital camcorder for Christmas so there will be alot more pics and video to come. We will be heading to Vermont to shoot some video for the EFTA Year in Review. Also just got the word the new Ted Wojcik stock bike went into paint today, so I'll keep everyone posted and take some pics as soon as it's built and ready. Motorama is in only a few more weeks! See everyone there!

November 3, 1999


Well it was definitly a great year and the competition scene was a blast! The following are my 1999 season final standings for the Regional Series' I participated in. (Modified Trials Bike)

Indiana State Championships - 2nd Place Overall

New York State Championships - 2nd Place Overall

1999 NORBA National Finals - Mount Snow , VT - 3rd Place

Unofficial Connecticut Event Series - 3rd Place Overall

North East Pennsylvania Series - 3rd Place Overall


October 24, 1999

Connecticut Chapter NEMBA Fall Fiesta Demo


Nancy, John, Brian and the rest of CT NEMBA guys and girls know how to put on a real big bash! Thanks to everyone for having me perform for them! I was a little rough around the edges after getting a sinus infection on vacation and having a cold the day of the demo, but the show must go on! That it did! I mustered up all my energy and it was a real fun time. I first visited the Cockaponset State Park where they were holding a group ride before the festivities. This place was really beautiful! Of course I had to play around a bit and warm up for the people there. Now it was off to the 'Casino' where the party was held. There was tons of food, and the brew was flowing!

The demo section went up and at 1:30 I helped out with a 'log hopping' clinic put on by Charles Beristain and Jon Murphy. These guys are becoming big time trialsers'! Around 2:00 the show went on. The music was hoppin' and so was the demo, it was a real fun show. Do you realize how dizzy you get pulling 360's on cold medicine! he-hee..... All I can say is I can't wait until next year for their Millennium bash! Thanks again to all!



October 4-23, 1999

I'm going to Disney World! After a busy summer I'm in need for a vacation! I'll be checking my e-mail so don't forget to keep sending them.


October 1-3, 1999

Pedros Mountain Bike Festival in Lanesboro, MA

This was quite the party! After a little confusion early on in the weekend the demo section was erected and the riding began! Chris, Andy and of course myself, were performing demos through the weekend. We were alternating shows with Lance Trappe from Volvo Cannondale. It was my first time seeing Lance perform and it was a great show! If you ever have a chance to see Lance, do so. The festival was filled with vendors from all parts showing their new 2000 products, really cool stuff, wild events and tons of fun rides for all! Of course the entire Ted Wojcik crew was present making the party complete! It's a must attend next year if you missed it. The Saturday show was jammed packed with over 200 spectators, on Sunday the rain scared many away but the show still went on! We had a very enthusiastic crowd even if the wind and rain were blowing! Thanks to all who attended and if you were there, drop me a line to tell me what you thought!


September 18-19, 1999

Just returned from the Subaru Outback Rendevous and Outdoor Sports Weekend! Myself and Rear-Wheel Productions performed 4 incredible demos this past weekend. The Subaru crew said on Sunday there were 1,800 who participated in the event! Most of those people were at our final demo, it was an intense and amazing crowd! Just sending out a big thanks to Subaru and the American Canoe Association for having us, and Green Lakes Park in Fayetteville is one of the most incredible places I have been! Great park and the lake was so clear you can see to the bottom!

For directions click the link above or here to take you to the Subaru Outback Rendevous Page