Town of Hunter

Mountain Culture Festival

Hunter, NY

July 12-14, 2002

Riders: Kevin Brody, Trevor Young & Scott Estee

posted 8/5/2002

This first set of pictures were taken by us during the down time between shows. We were pretty much screwing around on stuff! You can see the view of Hunter Mountain in the background. The pictures not on the demo set were taken on this old stone foundation of what was supposed to be a hotel. As you can see it never made it past the foundation stage.

Here's Kevin stylin' on his stock bike. Smile for the camera!
The foundation was pretty crumbling, so every move had to be precise not to bring the walls tumbling down. Rear wheeling to the gap over to the next wall.
Here's Scott Estee! Scott was tearing up the moves and driving the crowd wild this weekend! Sweet shot of Scott perched before his next move.
Scott on the demo set. This is a series photo of him starting off on the big 5.5 foot box. Preparing to launch down to the 2.5 foot box.....
and Scott's final shot stretched out in mid gap over to that 2.5 foot box.
There was only one shot of Trev, (I do have more on the way from my DV cam). Here he is spanning that gap between the two walls.