New Years 2000-2001 Vermont

With Special guest star Mike Melchoir!

This film has been lost for almost a year!. We finally found the roll in a box and had it developed.

posted 8/5/2002

Mike Melchior and I getting ready for a fun wintery ride. During the weekend we received a few feet of fresh powder. These were taken in downtown Manchester, VT near all the shopping outlets. From these pictures you will see the pile of snow around the obstacles we were riding. By the way, the white dots all over the pictures was more white stuff falling from the sky.
There was a downed tree in the park we had a fun and challenging time riding. Right at the end of the tree was an icy cold river!
Very very slippery! Your balance had to be on the money. We had a few falls on this during the day.
Mike attacking the tree. The run-up to get on the thing was tough!
Mike now hopping to the top of the tree.
This picture sort of shows the river and waterfall in the background. Just on the other side of the fence was the falls. You didn't want to slip and fall to your left that's for sure.
Mike riding along a slate bench.