Name: Kevin Brody
About: Kevin is an exciting individual, who's enthusiasm really stands out in his demonstrations and competitions. He is the Trials Rider for Team Wojcik, as well as the Trials Coordinator for the Eastern Fat Tire Association (EFTA). Some places you can find Kevin is across New England putting on events with Tim Williamson from Trialsin USA, or performing one of his demos or riding clinics. You can also catch his trials riding advice column named 'Balance Point' in the monthly issues of 'Trials News'.
Nick Names: "Road Kill", "Part's Tester" or "PT Brody" for short, "No Roadie Brody"
Born: 08/29/73
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 190lbs.
Years Riding Bikes: As far as I can Remember!
Years Riding Trials: 11 years
Modified Trials Bike: A one-off Ted Wojcik Custom Trials Bike.
Stock Trials Bike: Once again a Custom Built Ted Wojcik Bicycle.THE BEST!!
Sponsors: Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles, Trialsin USA, Nuke Proof, White Lightning, RockShox, SRAM, Cook Bros., Monster Energy
Favorite Food: Sushi, I could live on that stuff! Almost anything just keep the eggs away and that fake yellow cheese.
Favorite Sports: TRIALS! Uummmm, TRIALS! (Well what else is there?) OK, Flying (airplanes that is), Skiing snow &H20, Martial Arts, Kayaking, Canoeing ANYTHING EXCITING!
Favorite Movie: Austin Powers! Yahhh Baby!, Better Off Dead a funny ski movie, RAD a classic BMX movie, Kill Bill
Favorite Demo Performed: New England Mountain Bike Festivals are the best!
Favorite Competition: The Motorama Speed Show in Harrisburg, PA is Awesome!