2003 Journal

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April 24, 2003

I'm Not Dead Yet!

I have only been laying low for the past few months.  I currently have a big project I've been working on and that is building my house.  Takes a bit of time whacking one of these things together!  Quite a bit longer than one of my crazy obstacles.  Once June rolls around I will be back again in full force! Currently been keeping in shape with a ride or two during the week mainly during lunch time, but the real workout has been lugging building materials, walls, concrete blocks and other heavy stuff around.  Balance has been kept in check by jumping around on trusses and staging 30 feet in the air.  It's damn freaky up there!  I plan to post some pics in the future. I have a few OK ones now, but I think I'll wait until the siding is done next week. 

See ya'll soon!


January 10, 2002

Well I'm going to try and get back to posting a few journal updates here and there. Life has been quite busy lately. After the Red Bull Bike Battle things have kept on a constant roll. Hope everyone caught my article in Dirt Rag about it, that kind of summed it all up in a nutshell. After building the obstacles for that it kind of went right into the building of my house. It's yet another work in progress that should be finished by May. It's certainly hopping around here. For the riding front, well, between the house and all the snow there hasn't been much time for the bike unfortunately. Once again I'm hoping to tweak my website a bit to keep it more interesting. Well if your one of the few who still stop by and read this, have any suggestions? Things you'd like to see or hear about? If you do please drop me a line! Once I get the ball rolling again there are quite a few new developments going on for the upcoming year as well. In fact I should have some cool news for everyone by the middle of next week. So until then, and thanks!