2007 Journal

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November 27, 2007

We're gearing back up!  Ted is working away at his brand new shop.  The new site is up and rolling.  You will soon be able to check out many new videos from Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles and some featuring yours truly on www.youtube.com search for Ted Wojcik.  So go there now and see what the buzz is about!  www.tedwojcikbicycles.com

October 31, 2007

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  What a wonderful day!  So life has been a little busy lately.  Sometimes it gets a little out of control and you need to reshuffle some priorities.  So, yes I'm still alive, still living, still riding, still paddling, still racing, still caching and still doing all that other crazy stuff I do.  Hey, if you want to catch something really inspiring outside the world of cycling you have to check out Wade Robson Absolutly insane dance and music coreographer! No I'm not going to try dancing next, most of you know how I am just walking down the street.  But Just the coolest stuff to watch and ride to!  Go check out his site.  So those are my thoughts for today.  Just wanted to wish everyone an awesome Halloween and thanks for your ongoing support!

July 15, 2006

Wojo-Fest Day.  Definitely a great time.  I headed up pretty early in the morning.  The drive is easy yet entertaining with the trailer and a truck with pretty much no brakes left.  (That will be on my list of to-do this week.) But pulled in safely and was great to see the Wojcik family again!  It's been a while since I was up there last to visit Ted, but I haven't seen Sue or Cody for quite a few years.  It was also great meeting one of the new guys on the crew, Bill who is helping Ted a bunch these days.  Another cool surprise was running into Howie, an avid rider and photographer I used to work with in the past.  Also saw Grant from Mavic/Adidas who was always at the shop.  Not to mention all the new people I was able to hang out with and get to know.  It was certainly a toasty day.  Shortly after arriving and talking to a few people, the ride groups were starting to head out for their XC or road rides. Perfect time to unload the trailer and set up the demo set. Still ran into one more cluster of ants I couldn't reach, but they were quickly taken care of!  Just setting up the section it looked as if I ran through a sprinkler.  It was already hitting 90 and I didn't even get my riding gear on yet.  After drinking what felt like gallons of water, I could barely move without sloshing, I decided to get changed and ride a little bit before  the rides came back.   It felt great. being on a new exercise program is definitely paying off.  The battle for today was going to be the heat and stay hydrated.   The rides came back and there was ton's of food and plenty of brew from Smuttynose to be had.   While people settled in and relaxed, that's when it was my turn to ride.  I cranked the music and rode until I could ride no more.  It was a fun show with an incredible audience. It was great to hear all the cheers which helped kick up my energy in this heat too!  I can't wait to see and post the pictures to the site.  After that I was able to have some of the great food and beverage and  talk to everyone a bit more before packing up and heading home.   Thanks to everyone at Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles for hosting a fun event and having me perform for all the guests! I can't wait to be a part of more soon.

July 14, 2006

Today was definitely a day for chilling in the sun!  Hot Hot Hot around here!  Well I had work to do though, luckily in an air conditioned space.  Big thing is getting ready for tomorrow's big show.  Have most of everything packed and ready to go.  The biggest demo adventure was what I ran into this past weekend.  Lately I park my trailer in my field and I needed to organize some stuff in it and it was inhabited by carpenter ants!  So a whole lot of bug spray later, hopefully all I'll be doing tomorrow during setup is sweeping their dead little bodies away.  But back to the show...It's going to be a great time.  I can't wait to see who will be there.  It's been a while heading up Hampstead way to just hang out for the day.  Ted plans on having a few rides MTN and road going out in the morning, not sure if I'll make it in time for that, but hopefully catch one going out.  It will be a nice warm-up before jumping on some boxes.  What I'm really looking forward to is the good food, frosty cold beverages and all the stories after.  I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

July 13, 2006

Well I'm sure if you still visit my site and see this log entry, it may send you into a heart attack.  I am still alive and still going strong in the world of trials.  In fact hopefully making as much of a revival in this sport as possible.   To start I changed the hosting of my site to a more reliable and easy to manage server. I dropped my old provider like a bad habit.  The site itself will probably keep the same style and feel with some upgrades down the road.  For me, it's been a pretty crazy past couple of years.  There are times in your life that you make some big changes and your time becomes a little bit busy.  I've never left riding, in fact it is too much a part of my lifestyle.  Still going and riding strong with many old friends and new.  Vaughn Micciche and Scott Estee are still my Team riders with an occasional appearance from Trevor Young.  A few riders have been working on bringing back a crew in this region of CT, MA and RI and starting up daily rides.  So if you are interested in getting together a group ride please drop me a line!  We have a few shows booked this year and planning to add more to the schedule very soon.  Well instead of trying to jam everything into my log for today, I'll save more for tomorrow.  Right now it's back to getting some updates to this site done!  Thanks for hanging in there!